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Cloud Computing and Data protection reform

Blog post by Vice-President of the European Commission, Neelie Kroes

...After 12 months of intensive discussions and consultations, I am currently preparing the first in a series of concrete announcements related to the European Cloud Computing Strategy. I want Europe to be not only cloud-friendly but cloud-active: the right common rules could enhance cloud development, but the wrong choices on data protection would cut off lots of potential uses and business offerings before they’ve even started. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, I will announce a concrete project aimed at making it easier for buyers – particularly public sector buyers – to cooperate on requirement definitions and possibly pool their resources when procuring Cloud Computing services.

Click here to read Neelie Kroes' complete blog entry.


Google persuades Spanish bank BBVA to use the cloud

(BBC News) By Tim Weber

Spanish banking giant BBVA is switching its 110,000 staff to use Google's range of enterprise software.

The deal is the biggest that the search giant has signed with one company for its cloud-computing services, where software is offered as a service via the internet.

The bank told the BBC it would use Google's tools only for internal communication.

Click here to read the article at BBC News.


UK Government and the Cloud

In March 2011, the Cabinet Office published Government Cloud Strategy, which set out plans for half of Whitehall's new ICT spending to be spent on cloud services by 2015. The Government is currently going out to tender for its first G-Cloud offerings and has attracted a lot of interest.  The following outlines the position:

Details of the OJEU are available here.

Procurement documents can be viewed on our eSourcing portal here.

  G-Cloud short guide [248KB]

  Supplier questions and answers regarding the procurement Published 15 November 2011 [156KB]


News from the Cloud Legal Project


There are still a few places available for our free talks at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in London. Click here for more information. 

- Tuesday 1 November, 6pm to 7pm: Dr Julia Hörnle and Kuan Hon on "Data Protection Jurisdiction in Cloud Computing and International Data Transfers".


Our Links page has been updated, in particular to link to various EU regulatory pronouncements on cloud computing, particularly regarding data protection.  Suggestions of other links to include would be most welcome. Click here to view our updated links.


News from the Cloud Legal Project


Parts 3 and 4 of the Cloud Legal Project’s 'Cloud of Unknowing' series of papers on data protection law aspects of cloud computing are now available.

Click here for Part 3 - Data Protection Jurisdiction and Cloud Computing - When are Cloud Users and Providers Subject to EU Data Protection Law?

Click here for part 4 - Data Export in Cloud Computing - How Can Personal Data Be Transferred Outside the EEA?


The Cloud Legal Project is presenting a series of free evening lectures in London in October/November in conjunction with, and kindly hosted by, the Institute of Advanced Legal  Studies in Russell Square. For more information, including on registration, click here. The poster regarding the events is here.


News from the Cloud Legal Project


Click here for the Cloud Legal Project's answers in response to the European Commission's consultation on cloud computing, aimed at potential cloud users (eg barriers to adoption) as well as actual cloud users and cloud providers.


Kuan Hon will be speaking on "Every Cloud has a Data Protection Lining" at Amberhawk's Autumn 2011 Data Protection Update. Click here for more information.

A reminder that the Cloud Legal Project is presenting a series of free evening lectures in London in October/November. These events are to be held in conjunction with, and kindly hosted by, the Institute of Advanced Legal  Studies in Russell Square. For more information, including on registration, click here.  The poster regarding the events is here - please feel free to put this up at your organisations if you wish.


We are continuing our research on negotiated cloud contracts, and are still open to offers of possible interviewees to consider, particularly cloud customers and solutions providers. All interviews are on a confidential no-names basis and only anonymised results will be published.


Our research on standard cloud contract terms has been published as an article "Contracts for clouds: comparison and analysis of the Terms and Conditions of cloud computing services", in International Journal of Law and Information Technology (2011) 19 (3): 187-223. doi:10.1093/ijlit/ear005, published online 20 July 2011 (subscriber-only access)


Data centers' Power Use Less Than Was Expected

Data centers’ unquenchable thirst for electricity has been slaked by the global recession and by a combination of new power-saving technologies, according to an independent report on data center power use from 2005 to 2010.

The report, by Jonathan G. Koomey, a consulting professor in the civil and environmental engineering department at Stanford University, found that the actual number of computer servers declined significantly compared to 2010 forecasts because of this lowered demand for computing and because of the financial crisis of 2008 and the emergence of technologies like more efficient computer chips and computer server virtualization, which allows fewer servers to run more programs.

Click here to read the rest of The New York Times' article.


Green IT is a key support for a sustainable business

(EcoBusiness) By Michael Mudd, OCA

First, I will admit, I am among the group of IT advocates who claim that IT is overall green; I say this based on widely quoted numbers, primarily from the US, in the growth of such things as telecommuting. For example, 15 years ago there were an estimated 5 million telecommuters in the US, and they really were just that; staying at home one or more days a week, using the plain old telephone to conduct their business, rather than in an office. That figure is now 25 million – and growing and they are no longer just on the phone, but connected via high speed broadband to their company data centres, often for 3 or more days a week.

Click here to read the article.


QMUL Cloud Legal Project/Brookings Institution paper on cloud terms of service referenced in World Economic Forum paper

The Cloud Legal Project at Queen Mary University London and The Brookings Institution paper on their standard cloud terms of service research, "The Terms They Are A-Changin' - Watching Cloud Contracts Take Shape" is referenced in the World Economics Forum's recent paper, "Advancing Cloud Computing: What To Do Now? Priorities for Industry and Government".

Click here to read the World Economic Forum paper.

Click here to read the QMUL/Brookings Institution paper.  

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