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Open Access, Cloud & Interoperability

Interoperability needs to work in a way that addresses customer needs first, regardless of the underlying technology platform. Interoperability based on open standards must also exist between legacy on-premises systems and off-premises, Cloud-based systems and services. Where technology "lock-in" prevents interoperability or confers unfair competitive advantage to a particular provider, authorities should intervene to ensure that undistorted competition and cross-system interoperability are maintained.


The shift from on-premises computing to computing provided as services "at a distance", often called 'Cloud Computing', requires systems and services to operate together or "interoperate". Where voluntary standards can be developed they should allow the market to meet customer requirements over different underlying technology platforms and computer systems.


One of the key risks to Cloud computing services is the quality and performance of the underlying telecommunications links. Whether this is an issue of latency, committed information rates, or failure to supply high quality engineering at reasonable rates, the inadequacy of the infrastructure will impede Cloud Computing. The underinvestment and restricted provisioning that characterises incumbent telecommunications businesses may derive from their underlying strategies that seek to maximise returns at the expense of customers and competition. Abuse of dominance cases have been taken against many EU incumbents and as abuse is identified it requires swift remedies whether through anti trust law enforcement or regulatory action. Telecommunications access is a common issue of common concern for the OCA and one we will monitor closely as a key factor affecting the development of the market for Cloud Computing.

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OCA Comments on Lithuania's New Focus on Cybersecurity

The Open Computing Alliance welcomes the Lithuanian Presidency's focus on matters of current importance to the Information Technology sector. These matters are essential to growth and employment and at a time of on-going economic difficulty, prioritising the Digital Economy represents recognition of a vital sector that can help to improve the economic situation across the EU.
Cybersecurity is an on-going matter of public concern, both from the perspective of the proposed EU Directive on Cybersecurity (COM(2013) 48 final) and also from the perspective of the proposed EU Regulation on Data Protection (COM(2012) 11 final). These issues are currently a matter of controversy and are of particular interest to the Open Computing Alliance given its objectives of encouraging productivity, growth and employment through the greater use of information, communications and technology.


EU cloud computing contracts to go under the microscope

The way in which European cloud computing contracts are drawn up is to come under scrutiny by a team of experts.

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Cloud Computing Policy Roadmap

The European Commission Digital Agenda for Europe released its Cloud Computing Policy Roadmap.

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Government encourages 'cloud-first' strategy against backdrop of G-cloud iii launch

(ITPro) By Jane McCallion

Government departments will have to look at cloud options first before opting to use other technologies under a new 'public cloud-first' strategy unveiled today by the Cabinet Office.

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Microsoft joins Open Data Center Alliance to promote cloud standards, interoperability

(ZDNet) Between the Lines By Zack Whittaker

Microsoft has joined the Open Data Center Alliance, an independent IT consortium with a view of providing a unified and open vision for long-term data center and cloud computing standards.

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