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Welcome to the Open Computing Alliance

The Open Computing Alliance seeks to foster openness in the information, communications and technology (ICT) sector by promoting:

  • the freedom of critical corporate and government data and networks from dependence on any particular technology platform,

  • the accessibility in all circumstances of such data by means of recognised common standards,

  • the security and protection of such data from all threats, while respecting the rule of law and relevant intellectual property rights.

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Latest OCA Articles


OFT launches market study into the supply of public sector ICT services

Following the OFT call for information (CFI) during August 2013, The OFT has launched a 'Market Study' to further investigate the market. The OFT considers that a number of issues were raised from that CFI that the OFT believes deserve further analysis. Most notably, the OFT has said that it is sensitive to concerns being raised that certain businesses appear to have a large share of contracts in some areas of the sector, that there are high barriers to entry and expansion (especially for smaller scale ICT businesses) and that public sector organisations face difficulties and high costs in switching suppliers.

During the CFI, issues were also raised regarding public sector procurement practices. The market study will examine the extent to which these practices interact with the market structure and suppliers' behaviour.  Existing reports and ongoing initiatives to improve public sector procurement will inform the study. The OFT aims to avoid duplicating other recent or ongoing work concerning public sector procurement.

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Europe can help the Internet economy by making it more open

In a recent speech, European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes put the emphasis on the need to encourage innovation here in Europe. The Digital Agenda drew attention to the fact that much of this innovation in Europe will in turn be driven by small and medium sized services companies.  Innovation is now occurring in the deployment of technology and the ways that systems are used by sophisticated customers. Cloud computing in particular has shown itself to be a key growth driver.

But progress on this front will require more than the major suppliers improving their ability to adapt new technology to customers’ needs. It will require more than helping European entrepreneurs find capital and support. It will also mean clearing away accumulated barriers to competition that all too often prevent entrepreneurs and small businesses from bringing new products, new services and new ideas to market. A recently filed complaint by a small European provider of cloud-based network maintenance services named Multiven brings these two issues into sharp focus.

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Network Functions Virtualisation

The Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) white paper is seeking to promote a vision of a world which is not locked in to proprietary technology, where customers are free to purchase separate components of software and hardware from a choice of suppliers, and where customers have freedom to choose from a variety of different maintenance providers. The OCA endorses and supports the vision outlined in the white paper.

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No single organization should control the Internet of Things

A new and vastly enlarged Internet is coming, the Internet of Things. The IoT, as it is commonly known, promises to bring incalculable benefits to the global economy, and should rightly belong to us all. The OCA has never been shy about promoting bold new technologies. We embrace the IoT as both highly desirable and inevitable. But at the OCA, we believe that competition authorities, regulators and all market participants must remain vigilant in protecting the Internet of Things from attempts to hinder free and fair competition in this space.

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European regulators should look closely at Cisco acquisition of Sourcefire

Should Europe stand idly by while an American tech conglomerate takes advantage of its dominant position to gobble up emerging specialist firms that are the source of most ICT innovations? At OCA we have been looking into the question of innovation and ICT market competition lately, and it is evident to us that this sort of question must be taken seriously. Certainly the option of a small firm to sell itself to the highest bidder must not be overturned without good reason. But context and consequences are everything. Including services and telecoms, Europe has for some time been the largest ICT consumer in the world. Accordingly, it is not only the right but the duty of European competition authorities to look closely at any deal that threatens to deprive Europe of the fruits of ICT innovation.

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